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Winkler’s Three Pillars of Leadership


The American Dream has been celebrated as a beacon of hope & inspiration for generations. It is the symbol of the boundless opportunities that are available to anyone willing to work hard, persevere, & create something great. At its core, the American Dream is about the individual to achieve success & realize their full potential.


American Inspiration is deeply rooted in the history & values of our nation: from the perseverance of our founding fathers in the face of overwhelming odds, to the boundless creativity & innovation of our artists, inventors, & entrepreneurs. It is the belief that every individual has the potential to do great things, & that through hard work, determination, & willingness to dream big, anything is possible.


Execution is the key to unlocking the power of your dreams & turning them into reality. It represents the grit, determination, & sheer willpower required to take an idea & bring it to life. Without execution, even the most brilliant & innovative ideas will remain nothing more than  fleeting thoughts or idle daydreams. It takes courage to execute your dreams, to face the inevitable challenges & setbacks that come with turning ideas into action. This is the land of opportunity & only through your Dream can you be Inspired to Execute & achieve your aspirations.

These three pillars will drive everything I do as a public servant to Americans. By limiting government and unleashing U.S. industries from heavy-handed regulation and bureaucratic red tape, our economy will flourish and citizens will thrive being unencumbered with the freedom to achieve the American Dream.