Winkler’s Policy Platforms

Social Security Platform

1. Guaranteeing Benefits: I will prioritize safeguarding social security benefits for current and future seniors, recognizing the critical role this program plays in providing financial security and stability for millions of Americans.

2. Bipartisan Collaboration: I will actively seek bipartisan collaboration to address the long-term sustainability of social security, understanding that finding sustainable solutions may require input from across the political spectrum.

3. Advocating for Fiscal Responsibility: I will champion fiscally responsible policies that support the long-term solvency of social security, including efforts to address national debt and examine potential adjustments to revenue and expenditure within the program.

4. Protecting the Most Vulnerable: I will advocate for policies that prioritize and protect the most vulnerable seniors who rely on social security benefits as a lifeline for their well-being, recognizing the importance of equitable and fair treatment for all recipients.

5. Transparent Communication: I will commit to keeping the public informed about potential changes or reforms to social security, ensuring that clear and open communication guides any proposed solutions.

By standing on this platform, I aim to demonstrate my dedication to preserving social security benefits for seniors and upholding our collective responsibility to ensure the program’s continued success in meeting the needs of older Americans.

Energy & Climate

1. Advancing innovation in fossil fuel technologies:  I will support increased investment in research and development of cleaner and more efficient technologies for the extraction, production, and utilization of fossil fuels. This can include initiatives such as carbon capture and storage, advanced combustion methods, and emissions reduction technologies.

2. Promoting responsible domestic energy production: I will advocate for policies that prioritize the responsible development of domestic fossil fuel resources, aiming to minimize environmental impact while reducing dependence on foreign sources and bolstering national energy security.

3. Pursuing a balanced energy strategy: I will emphasize the importance of a multi-faceted energy approach that includes fossil fuels as well as renewable energy sources, nuclear power, and other innovative energy technologies. Encourage the exploration of diverse energy options to meet growing energy demands while transitioning toward more sustainable solutions.

4. Environmental stewardship and conservation: I Commit to upholding environmental regulations and fostering industry best practices to safeguard the environment from the impacts of fossil fuel production and use. This includes measures to protect air and water quality, preserve natural habitats, and mitigate climate change effects.

5. Support for energy-related job growth and economic development: I will advocate for the economic growth of a robust energy sector, highlighting the potential for job creation, energy affordability, and the preservation of American energy independence. Acknowledge the need for a transition to cleaner energy sources over time while prioritizing the well-being of communities reliant on fossil fuel industries.

My platform seeks to have a bipartisan approach to the utilization of fossil fuels for energy independence with a deliberate effort to explore and develop more climate-friendly energy solutions.

Education Platform

My platform emphasizes the importance on becoming internationally competitive on core curriculum, trades, and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics), while also advocating for school choice and mentorship programs:

1. Strengthening core curriculum and academic standards: Advocate for rigorous and internationally benchmarked core curriculum standards, emphasizing proficiency in essential subjects such as mathematics, science, language arts, and history, to ensure that students are well-prepared for further education and the global workforce.

2. Emphasizing trades and technical education: I will advocate for access to high-quality vocational and technical education, providing students with opportunities to develop practical skills in trades and technical fields to meet the demands of a diverse and evolving job market.

3. Advancing STEAM education: I Support the integration of STEAM programs and initiatives into school curricula, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills among students, and preparing them for careers in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

4. Encouraging school choice: I Advocate for policies that empower parents to have greater control over their children’s education, whether through charter schools, private school choice programs, homeschooling options, or tuition assistance programs, to ensure that all students have access to the best educational fit for their individual needs.

5. Promoting mentorship programs: I Support initiatives that connect students with mentors in their fields of interest and provide opportunities for real-world experiences, internships, and apprenticeships, helping to guide and inspire the next generation of leaders and skilled professionals.

This platform aims to enhance public education by fostering academic excellence, practical skills development, and opportunities for individualized learning, while also valuing parental choice and mentorship to support student success.

Ukraine & Israel Conflict

My plan focuses on providing aid to Ukraine and Israel while maintaining American fiscal responsibility:

1. Supporting Ukraine: I will advocate for providing military aid and diplomatic support to Ukraine in its efforts to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity. I understand the importance of standing with Ukraine in the face of external aggression while ensuring that aid is used effectively and transparently.

2. Strengthening strategic partnership with Israel: I will Promote continued military, economic, and diplomatic assistance to Israel, a key ally in the Middle East. Support efforts to enhance Israel’s security and stability in the region while fostering economic and technological collaboration.

3. Prioritizing American fiscal responsibility: I will balance support for international allies with a commitment to fiscal responsibility at home. Pledge to carefully evaluate and prioritize foreign aid spending to ensure it aligns with American interests and values, and to seek efficiencies and accountability in aid programs.

4. Promoting regional stability: I will advocate for more diplomatic solutions as well as aid to Ukraine and Israel in hopes to promote stability and security in their respective regions, ultimately contributing to global stability and U.S. national security interests.

5. Ensuring transparency and oversight: I will advocate for robust oversight and transparency measures to ensure that aid to Ukraine and Israel is used responsibly and in accordance with U.S. laws and values.

This platform seeks to balance support for Ukraine and Israel with a commitment to American fiscal responsibility and strategic international engagement.


1. Dobbs Decision: After the Dobbs decision the matter of abortions reside with the states. I will not vote for a national ban on abortion nor codifying Roe as I believe that it infringes on the civil liberties of the woman in both cases.

2. Funding for Womens Health: I will fund access to womans healthcare in the form of contraceptives, finding solutions to womens maternal health crisis, fund research to tackle breast cancer, ovarian cancer & provide federal funding family planning such as IVF, & adoption.

3. Fixing the System: I will advocate for fixing the broken systems that children who are already born into this world face like the foster care system, family court, & child protective services.

My platform shows I can work in a bipartisan manner with this tough issue & safeguard the medical privacy & civil liberites of all women.

Medicare for Seniors

I am dedicated to protecting Medicare and decreasing the burden of prescription drug costs for seniors. Here is my political platform focusing on these critical issues:

Strengthening Medicare: I will prioritize efforts to strengthen and preserve Medicare, ensuring that it continues to provide accessible and high-quality healthcare for seniors. This includes examining opportunities to enhance Medicare coverage and services to meet the diverse needs of older Americans.

Lowering Prescription Drug Costs: I will advocate for initiatives to lower the costs of prescription drugs for seniors, such as supporting legislation to enable Medicare to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies and exploring options to increase the affordability of essential medications.

Supporting Comprehensive Healthcare Coverage: I will work towards advocating for comprehensive healthcare coverage for seniors, including preventive services, mental health support, and long-term care, recognizing the importance of holistic healthcare access for older adults.

Bipartisan Collaboration: I am committed to seeking bipartisan cooperation to address the challenges surrounding Medicare and prescription drug costs, recognizing that sustainable and effective solutions may require input and collaboration from both sides of the political aisle.

Protecting Medicare for Future Generations: I will prioritize protecting and preserving Medicare for future generations, working to ensure that this vital program remains viable and sustainable for years to come.

By standing on this platform, I aim to demonstrate my commitment to ensuring that seniors have access to affordable healthcare and medication, while also working to safeguard the integrity and sustainability of the Medicare program for current and future generations.

Ending Veteran Homelessness: A Commitment to Those Who Served

Comprehensive National Strategy: I will launch a federal initiative aimed at achieving a systemic and sustainable resolution to Veteran homelessness. This initiative will leverage interagency collaboration, focusing on preventative measures, emergency housing, sustained accommodation, and reintegration support.

Expand Public-Private Partnerships: I will Foster partnerships with private sector developers and philanthropic organizations to increase the stock of affordable and transitional housing specifically designated for veterans, ensuring nationwide reach with a focus on urban and rural disparities.

Streamline Veterans Affairs Services: I will call for the simplification of the VA’s procedural framework to allow for immediate, hassle-free access to housing services for homeless veterans, with a focus on reducing bureaucratic red tape.

Enhanced Supportive Services:  I will advocate for new VA centers of excellence providing comprehensive care including mental health services, addiction rehabilitation, job training, and financial counseling as part of a holistic approach to prevent homelessness.

Veteran Emergency Housing Fund: I will create a dedicated federal emergency fund that can be directly accessed by veterans facing imminent homelessness, providing rapid financial assistance to avert crisis scenarios.

Military Transition Support: I will  Introduce legislation to improve the Transition Assistance Program (TAP), offering resources and personalized support for service members transitioning to civilian life to mitigate the risk of homelessness.

As a Combat Veteran the time for talk is over, I will end Veteran Homelessness once elected to Congress. We owe it to our Veterans as the sacrifice everything to protect our freedoms.

Empowering Veterans in Entrepreneurship: The Small Business Patriot Initiative

GI Bill Transformation Act: I will Propose a sweeping reform of the post-9/11 GI Bill to allow veterans the option to apply their education benefits towards starting their own business, with a lump sum start-up capital option.

Veteran Entrepreneurship Grants: I will Establish a grant system to support veteran-owned startups, which would be instrumental in getting businesses off the ground or scaling up, without the need for traditional loans.

Mentorship and Training Programs: I will leverage the expertise of successful veteran entrepreneurs to create mentorship programs focusing on practical business skills, leadership, and innovation.

Veteran Business Incubator Network: I will champion the creation of a nationwide network of business incubators specifically tailored to the needs of veteran entrepreneurs, providing shared resources, networking opportunities, and exposure to investors.

Tax Incentives: I will champion tax reforms that offer significant breaks and incentives for businesses started by veterans, as well as for investors who choose to back veteran-owned enterprises.

Barrier Reduction Legislation: I will identify and eliminate unnecessary regulations and licensing requirements that disproportionately hinder veteran entrepreneurs, promoting a more favorable business environment for all.

As a combat Veteran who has worked in the nonprofit sector I will champion policies that uplift our veteran community & give them the boos they need to thrive after service.

Immigration & Border Security

I Recognize the importance of securing our borders, addressing immigration challenges, and advancing bipartisan solutions, the Comprehensive Border and Immigration Reform Act endeavors to foster national security, uphold the rule of law, and create pathways to citizenship for undocumented individuals who contribute to our society. My bipartisan platform aims to prioritize border security, address criminal activities, and provide a fair and inclusive framework for immigration reform.

I. Border Security Enhancement:

Comprehensive Border Infrastructure Plan: I will allocate resources for the construction of physical barriers, enhanced surveillance technology, and increased border patrol infrastructure to strengthen the security of our borders and prevent illegal crossings.

Cross-Border Crime Task Force: I will Establish a collaborative task force comprised of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to combat transnational criminal organizations, human trafficking, drug smuggling, and other illicit activities along the border.
Smart Border Management: Implement innovative technologies and modernize customs and immigration processes to streamline lawful border crossings while maintaining rigorous security measures.

II. Immigration Enforcement and Compliance:

Employment Verification System: I will enhance the E-Verify system to ensure that employers have the means to verify the legal status of their employees, thereby deterring illicit employment practices and fostering compliance with immigration laws.

Targeted Enforcement Policies: I will advocate for the identification and removal of individuals who pose a threat to public safety, have criminal records, or violate immigration laws, while providing compassionate treatment for non-threatening individuals and families.

Strengthening Asylum and Refugee Programs:  I will reaffirm the commitment to providing protection to individuals fleeing persecution and violence by streamlining asylum processing, expanding refugee resettlement programs, and addressing root causes of displacement in collaboration with international partners.

III. Pathways to Citizenship:

Earned Legalization Program:  I will work to create a fair and rigorous pathway to legal status for undocumented individuals who have resided in the United States for an extended period, contributed to their communities, and passed security and background checks.

Integration and Civic Engagement: I will advocate for civic education, English language proficiency, and community integration for aspiring citizens, emphasizing the importance of active participation in American society.

Family Reunification:  I will advocate to prioritize the reunification of families by reducing visa backlogs, facilitating family-sponsored immigration, and preserving family unity as a fundamental value of our immigration system.

IV. Enhanced Visa and Immigration Modernization:

Streamlined Visa Processing:  I will simplify and expedite visa processes for skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and other individuals with sought-after talents who contribute to our economy and innovation.

Temporary Worker Programs: I will work to update and expand temporary worker programs to match labor market demands, protect the rights of temporary workers, and prevent exploitation in the labor market.

Merit-Based Immigration System: I will work to develop a merit-based immigration framework that emphasizes qualifications, skills, and contributions to the United States, complementing family-based immigration policies.

V. Accountability and Oversight:

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Commission: I will establish an independent commission to regularly assess the impacts of immigration policies, propose adjustments based on economic and societal needs, and ensure transparency and accountability in immigration reform.

Data-Driven Policy Making: I will utilize empirical data and expert analysis to inform immigration policy decisions, consider the economic, social, and security implications of proposed changes, and adjust policies based on evidence-based outcomes.

Oversight and Reporting:  I will mandate regular reporting and oversight mechanisms to monitor the implementation of this comprehensive reform, evaluate its effectiveness, and address emerging challenges in a proactive manner.
In pursuit of our bipartisan interests and values, the Comprehensive Border and Immigration Reform Act represents a forward-thinking, balanced, and pragmatic approach to addressing border security, immigration reform, and national unit

Defense Platform

David believes we need a robust defense policy plan for ensuring a nation’s security in the 21st century, where threats have become more advanced and varied. Here’s his proposed policy platform that includes the development of hypersonic missiles, cyber defense, naval upgrades, and fifth-generation aircraft.

1. Hypersonic Missile Development

Research and Innovation:  David will invest in science and technology research that focuses on cutting-edge propulsion systems, materials science, and advanced computing, to create more efficient and effective hypersonic systems.

Partnerships:  David believes we need to Strengthen partnerships with academic institutions and private aerospace companies to foster an ecosystem of innovation.

Test and Evaluation

Infrastructure:David believes we need to expand and modernize test ranges and facilities to allow for safe and secure testing of hypersonic technologies.

Defense Funding: David believes we need to allocate consistent and increased funding to hypersonic missile development to shorten the timeline from conception to deployment.

2. Cyber Defense Fortification

Workforce Development:  David believes we need to establish a comprehensive national program to recruit, train, and retain cyber defense professionals.

Public-Private Cooperation:  David will encourage collaboration between governmental agencies and private sector entities to share best practices and threat intelligence.

Cyber Hygiene: David will introduce policies that will improve cyber hygiene across both the public and private sectors, including mandatory regular assessments and compliance with industry security standards.

Offensive Cyber Capabilities: David will develop a clear strategy for cyber deterrence that includes both passive and active cyber capabilities.

3. Naval Reinforcement

Modern Fleet: David will invest through the NDAA  for a modernization of our naval fleet that introduces new combat vessels, including unmanned surface and sub-surface vehicles capable of a range of missions in complex environments.

Maintenance and Readiness: David will prioritize fleet maintenance and readiness to ensure that current naval forces are at peak effectiveness.

Strategic Basing: David will review and work with DOD to optimize naval basing to ensure strategic presence and rapid deployment capabilities in key geographical areas.

Alliances: David believes we must strengthen naval cooperation through joint training exercises and interoperability initiatives with ally nations to ensure collective security.

4. Development of Gen 5 Aircraft

Advanced Technology: David stands committed to research and application of stealth technology, advanced avionics, and next-generation materials.

Manufacturing Capability: David will invest through the NDAA for national aerospace manufacturing infrastructure to maintain production capabilities and create jobs.

Lifecycle Management: David will work with the DOD to establish programs for the lifecycle management of fifth-generation aircraft, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of technology throughout their operational period.

Export Policy: David will ensure that the DOD develops an export policy for allied nations that balances economic interests with national security concerns.
In addition to the specific areas mentioned, cross-cutting considerations include:

Sustainable Defense: David will ensure the DOD that advancements in defense capabilities also consider environmental sustainability and aim to minimize ecological impact.

Regulatory Framework: David will create policies that expedite the development and deployment of new defense technologies without compromising standards and oversight.

International Treaties and Norms: David will ensure adherance to international treaties and norms regarding the use of emerging defense technologies to preserve strategic stability.

Integrated Defense Strategy:  David will ensure a holistic view of defense where cyber, AI, space, and conventional capabilities support and enhance each other under a unified command structure.
Robust oversight, a culture of accountability, and interagency dialogue would be foundational to the success of this proposed platform, ensuring that advancements in defense technologies serve to maintain peace and deter aggression effectively.